segunda-feira, 24 de setembro de 2012

memorando de entendimento com a 'troika'

Fiscal policy in 2013
1.26. The government achieves a general government deficit of no more than EUR 5,224 million in 2013. ). [Q4-2013]
1.27. Throughout the year, the government will rigorously implement the Budget Law for 2013. Progress will be assessed against the (cumulative) quarterly deficit ceilings in the Memorandum of Economic and Financial Policies (MEFP), including the Technical Memorandum of Understanding (TMU). [Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4-2013]
1.28. The following measures will be carried out with the 2013 Budget Law [Q4-2012], unless otherwise specified:
1.29. Further deepening of the measures introduced in the 2012 Budget Law with a view of reducing expenditure in the area of:
i. central administration functioning: EUR 500 million. Detailed plans will be presented and assessed before Q3-2012;
ii. education and school network rationalization: EUR 175 million;
iii. wage bill: annual decreases of 1% per year in headcounts of central administration and 2% in local and regional administrations;
iv. health benefits schemes for government employee’s schemes: EUR 100 million.
v. health sector: EUR 375 million;
vi. transfers to local and regional authorities: EUR 175 million;
vii. reduce further costs in other public bodies and entities, and in SOEs: EUR 175 million;
viii. capital expenditure: EUR 350 million;
ix. maintain the suspension of pension indexation rules except for the lowest pensions in 2013.
1.30. In addition, the government will extend the use of means testing and better target social support achieving a reduction in social benefits expenditure of at least EUR 350 million.
1.31. Further deepening of the measures introduced in 2012 Budget Law, leading to extra revenue in the following areas:
i. corporate tax bases and reduce tax benefits and tax deductions: EUR 150 million;
ii. personal income tax benefits and tax deductions: EUR 175 million;
iii. taxation of all types of cash social transfers and convergence of personal income tax deductions for pensions and labour income: EUR 150 million;
iv. excise taxes: EUR 150 million.
1.32. Update the notional property value of real estate for tax purposes to raise revenue by at least EUR 150 million in 2013. Transfers from the central to local governments will be reviewed to ensure that the additional revenues are fully used for fiscal consolidation.
e agora, após o VOTO de 15 de Março, qual vai ser a posição no OE2013 daqueles que negociaram, assinaram e aceitaram o Memorando de Entendimento com a ' тройка'?